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Sacramento joins battle for redevelopment funds

SACRAMENTO, CA - Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson wants city leaders to act quickly to keep the state from snatching redevelopment funds.

"One of the things that Gov. Jerry Brown is proposing is eliminating redevelopment agencies," Johnson said at his weekly news conference. "I think that's a terrible idea."

When he released his budget proposal, Brown said he wanted to use redevelopment funds to help balance the state's budget. 

Johnson said Sacramento needs the money to clean up blighted areas.  He wants to follow the lead of Fremont, Los Angeles and Citrus Heights, cities that approved ordinances to protect their redevelopment funds on Monday.

Johnson contended the damage without that money will be horrendous. "If you look at this year alone, we have 19,000 jobs that are at risk in this community," he said. "We have $100 million in redevelopment funds that we want to allocate."

Sacramento soldier shot by Iraqi soldier he was training

MOSUL, IRAQ - A Sacramento soldier has been shot to death by an Iraqi soldier he was training.

Spc. Martin J. "Mick" LaMar, 43, was shot Jan. 15 in Mosul, Iraq.  The Iraqi soldier also shot Sgt. Michael P. Bartley, 23, of Barnhill, Ill.

Both soldiers were assigned to the 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, Fort Hood, Texas.

A news release said a third U.S. soldier was wounded.  It was not immediately clear what happened to the Iraqi soldier who shot them.

One of LaMar's friends called News10 to clarify the soldier's name.

"He hated being called Martin," said Wylie Guadamuz.  "We called him Mick or Micky," he said.

Guadamuz said LaMar served as a Marine in the first Gulf War and later joined the Army.  "He lived to be a soldier.  He loved it."

Roses in the Sacramento Valley - Part 1

Roses in the Sacramento Valley - Part 1
My dad was a backyard farmer, as was his father before him and my Irish great-grandfather before him (although he had an actual farm!). I remember my grampa’s deep, narrow lot in San Francisco where he grew corn. My dad grew asparagus and planted fruit trees and vegetables in Southern California, my mom canned. My brother and I sold avocados door to door. Small wonder I fancy gardening. It’s my heritage. Read more.

Newsom launches California discussion on state's higher education system

Newsom launches California discussion on state's higher education system

California's Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday the launch of a statewide higher education listening tour and an online campaign that will engage Californian's in a public dialogue, seeking their feedback and suggestions on issues relating to the state's higher education system.

In the coming months, Newsom is expected to travel to the University of California (UC), Califoria State University (CSU) and community college campuses, to meet with a broad range of stakeholders, including students, administration officials and community and business leaders.

"I look forward to having an honest conversation and hearing directly from students, educators and administration officials on everyday issues and challenges within our higher education system," said Newsom.

Tree Pruning Clinic - January 22

Extend the life and beauty of trees and learn how to gain maximum benefit for years to come. Presentation includes a PowerPoint lecture focused on pruning 2 to 8 year old trees to develop good structure and form.

A variety of tools will be presented and discussed. Weather permit-ting, there will be a walkabout on library grounds to look at tree structure and pruning. Classes are offered by the Sacramento Tree Foundation in partnership with SMUD.  

Saturday, January 22
10:30am - 12:00pm
Arden Dimick Library
891 Watt Ave
Sacramento, Ca 95821

Study finds toxic chemicals in pregnant womens' bodies

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Pregnant women take elaborate steps to protect their babies' health, following doctors' orders to avoid alcohol, caffeine, tobacco - even soft cheeses and deli meats.

In spite of these efforts, a new study shows the typical pregnant woman has dozens of potentially toxic or even cancer-causing chemicals in her body - including ingredients found in flame retardants and rocket fuel.

Almost all 268 women studied had detectable levels of eight types of chemicals in their blood or urine, finds the study, published in today's Environmental Health Perspectives. It analyzed data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These chemicals include certain pesticides, flame retardants, PFCs used in non-stick cookware, phthalates (in many fragrances and plastics), pollution from car exhaust, perchlorate (in rocket fuel) and PCBs, toxic industrial chemicals banned in 1979 that persist in the environment.

Excessive videogaming linked to depression in kids

When it comes to video gaming, it seems moderation is important to a child's mental health. 

In a study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, researchers in the  U.S. and overseas studied more than 3,000 third, fourth, seventh and eighth graders in  Singapore and found that around 8 percent of the students were considered  pathological gamers. 

A young person was considered a pathological gamer when the practice damaged the actual functioning of his or her life by negatively impacting their  schoolwork, social life, family relationships, and psychological and emotional welfare.   

Sacramento interracial couple survives years of racial ignorance

SACRAMENTO, CA - Eugene and Barbara Piert endured unpleasant experiences during their 42 years of marriage at the hands of others. The couple is interracial and they married during a time when mixed-raced couples were not accepted.

Eugene is from Texas and Barbara is from the United Kingdom.

Early in their marriage, the couple said people would stop and stare and sometimes they were the brunt of physical attacks.

"We were pelted with ice. Eggs were thrown at us," Barbara said.

The two married in 1969, two years after interracial marriages were legalized in the U.S.

Throughout the years, the Pierts said Californians have become more accepting of bi-racial couples, but Eugene wasn't sure about other states.

"I'm not sure about Arizona. There are some terrible attitudes there," he said.

Dutch Oven Cook-off - January 22

Central California Dutch Oven Adventures (CCDOA) is hosting the January 20 - 23, 2011 International Sportsman Exposition (ISE) Dutch Oven cook-offs and demonstrations at Cal Expo fairgrounds in Sacramento.  

Dutch Oven cook-off's are sponsored by the International Dutch Oven Society (IDOS) and will consist of a Saturday January 22nd 3-pot cook-off. The 3-pot cook-off will consist of a bread, main dish and a desert recipe.  

Set-up 9:00am
Cooking starts at 11:00am
Breads 2:00pm, Main dish 3:00pm, Desert 4:00pm
Judging results at 5:00pm  

Cook-offs are free to enter. Beginners and amateurs are encouraged to enter.  

Prizes will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Cash prizes of $250 for 1st place, $100 for 2nd place and $50 for third making this the largest Dutch oven cook-off in Northern California!  

Fashion blog: Think warm, be warm

Fashion blog: Think warm, be warm

Happy Monday, folks!  In case you're wondering, it's still winter here in Sacramento. Why, then, did I wear a short sleeve shirt and open-toed shoes to work today? Beats me. I blame it on my second cold of the season (thanks, K) and overall Monday delirium.  Funny thing was, with my space heater on by my toes and hot tea always at hand, I withstood the cold just fine.  Just like people always say to "think cool" in the summer, maybe I should try thinking warm more often. Sure, it's probably all in my mind, but what isn't?

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