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'Operation Grinch' nabs 12 parole violators | Crime

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'Operation Grinch' nabs 12 parole violators

SACRAMENTO, CA - A team of local officers arrested 12 parole violators Wednesday during "Operation Grinch."

Nearly 30 officers from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, U.S. Marshals, FBI, and local law enforcement agencies split into four teams and went door-to-door in Sacramento looking for violators.

"We are focusing on all parole[e]s, mainly parole[e]s at large, people who haven't reported, maybe have committed a new crime and have a warrant in the system," said Alex Hoang, a CDC parole officer.

During the first sting operation of the day, officers arrested a parole violator after about 30 minutes of trying to talk him out.

"It's rare we get somebody at the first one unless we have good information like this morning," said Hoang.

Teams moved on to other residences throughout the day. Many of the locations came up empty.

"The subject is not there," CDC Special Agent Gary Williams said outside of one house. "They're trying to gather information and interviewing the homeowner now for any possible information as to any possible location where he's located."

In this case, the information was good, as the team found the parole violator at a house several miles down the road.

"This is very important," said Hoang, "Parole is working hard to keep the public safe, to get these parolees at large under compliance."

Parole officers say the holiday season is a good time for an operation like this because they believe violators are more likely to stick around their families around Christmas, making it easier for officers to find who they are looking for.


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