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Someone Put That Kid to Sleep | Family

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Someone Put That Kid to Sleep
Family, Moms
Someone Put That Kid to Sleep


Momservation: Nap time has saved many a mother’s sanity.

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It is a noted and accepted fact that my son cannot sit still.

He is a body in motion that stays in motion.

He is a rolling stone that gathers no moss.

Unless he’s sleeping.

In fact, that is the only time I got relief from his constant kicking when I was pregnant with him: when he was sleeping.

It explains why it surprised most people but not me when he was rolling over and sitting up at 4 months, pretty much skipped crawling and went straight to walking at 8 months, and was riding a bike, sans training wheels, at age 3. By age 4 he was biking 4 miles next to me while I ran on the American River bike trail.

The kid doesn’t do sitting still...

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Family, Moms

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