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Liquid Gold -- UCD's Olive Oil Center | Food & Drink

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Liquid Gold -- UCD's Olive Oil Center
Liquid Gold -- UCD's Olive Oil Center

Davis -- Stephen Lasko, student intern at UCD's Olive Center, eagerly tastes a sample of the exquisite olive oil produced by the university's unique program to perfect California's pure and authentic olive oil. Unknown to many people, Lasko says most commercial olive oil is grossly mixed with inferior oils -- even so extremely impure that the olive oil scent is faked. One goal at UCD, he points out, is to produce healthy olive oil that's affordable and readily available. And to top off this goal, Lasko says TV's Dr. Oz always promotes the numerous health benefits of olive oil and UCD's Olive Center strives to make theirs the very best. "Just try UCD's olive oil," Lasko urges with a smile. I did. It's fantastic! Get the scoop at www.olivecenter.ucdavis.edu and try the best California olive oil.

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