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Midtown Deli Finally Open

Midtown Deli Finally Open

For months, those living around the Sacramento Coop area have been waiting for Midtown Deli at the corner of Alhambra and S Street to open.  And it finally is!

Specialty sandwiches are named after areas in Midtown and East Sacramento, and include the Light Rail which has turkey breast, the McKinley Park made with chicken breast, and the Capital City Freeway with turkey, ham and salami.   

They also serve Panini’s, salads and wraps.

The deli does have a liquor license so customers can enjoy wine and beer with their meal.

Mikuni Japanese Street Festival tomorrow at Fountains

Mikuni Japanese Street Festival tomorrow at Fountains

First Annual Mikuni Japanese Street Festival


ROSEVILLE, CA –Mikuni Restaurant Group will host the 1st Annual Mikuni Japanese Street Festival on Thursday, June 16, 2011 from 5pm-8pm at the Fountains in Roseville.

“We wanted to do something different in the community to generate awareness of our newest location, Mikuni Kaizen,” said Jeanne Mabry, Vice President of Marketing. “The atmosphere of The Fountains is perfect for an event for all ages to include an evening of Japanese themed entertainment and activities to kick off the summer.”

The Mikuni Japanese Street Festival will include performances by Sacramento Taiko Dan, Kovar’s Satori Academy of Martial Arts and Sacramento Kendo Club. In addition, there will be live music, dance performances and various children’s activities, including origami, tattoos, fan coloring.

Baking Battle: Local woman competing against Oklahoma baker

Baking Battle: Local woman competing against Oklahoma baker

Sacramento's own Leslie Navarra needs your vote to become a finalist in the 45th Pillsbury Bake-Off and compete for the $1 million grand prize.  The Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest is letting You Be the Judge!, allowing consumers a chance to choose who gets to go to the Bake-Off Contest finals.

Voting ends next week on Thursday June 9.  YOU can visit You Be The Judge  to  vote for Leslie’s Apricot-Bacon Flatbread recipe.

She's up against the Stuffed Three-Seed Braid recipe entered by Kathy Aultof Edmond, OK.

Here is her recipe in case you wanted to try it out at home:

Apricot-Bacon Flatbread by Leslie Navarra - Sacramento, CA

Sweet and salty flavors combine deliciously in a flatbread appetizer pizza that gets an easy start with Pillsbury pizza crust.

Pancakes never tasted so good

Pancakes never tasted so good

On Saturday morning, I dragged my butt out of bed at 5:30 a.m., loaded my bike in the car and drove off to Auburn for the Gold Century ride.

The whole time I wasn’t thinking about whether or not I would fall off my bike because of my stupid clips (still have not mastered them). I wasn’t thinking about how cold it was or whether it was going to rain on me.

Nope. I was thinking about pancakes.

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Mother's Day treat: Homemade scones

I have never been a big fan of scones.  They have always been a bit dry for my taste.  That all changed thanks to Barbara Bowers of Rose Mountain Manor in Colfax, CA.  Barbara and her wonderful recipe were featued on News10 Midday and News10.net back in October of 2002.  From that point on, this recipe has been a staple for special events and just because. 


  • 3 1/3 cups Bisquick
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 6 tabelspoons softened butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/3 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup fruit*


Blend Bisquick and sugar. Cut in butter to form a crumbly mixture.  Beat eggs and milk together and add to dry mix.  Stir with a fork until just mixed (do not overmix).  Drop into four piles onto a baking sheet.  Cut into four pieces each with about one-eight inch between.  Sprinkle with sugar.  Bake at 400 degrees for

Whatever happened to coffee with the girls?

Whatever happened to coffee with the girls?

It’s Week 2 of my IFPP training and so far I’ve learned that I don’t mind the weight training and the cardio. But I really don’t like plymetrics. It turns out I have no coordination. None. However, I am suffering through them.

But the hardest part of the training is how it’s affecting my social life.

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Laura McIntosh recipe of the week: Blackened Tomato Salsa

Laura McIntosh recipe of the week: Blackened Tomato Salsa

This week, "Bringing It Home" TV show host Laura McIntosh shows us how to make Blackened Tomato Salsa.

4-6 Medium Tomatoes, cored and quarted

1 White Onion, diced (divided in half)

10-15 Dried Chili Peppers

1 Cup Cilantro, chopped (divided in half)

1 Tspn Dried Oregano

Juice of 1 Lime

Salt, to taste

Cooking Instructions
Heat dry skillet and add peppers. Toast but do not burn. Once toasted, add to blender and pulverize to powder. Reserve in blender. Add tomatoes to hot skillet and char skins being careful not to over cook. Add to chili powder in blender and puree. Add half the diced onion, half the cilantro, oregano and lime juice to blender and continue to blend until incorporated. Add salt to taste. Pour into serving bowl and mix in remaining onion and cilantro.