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Fans support their team in 59th annual Causeway Classic | Fun

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Fans support their team in 59th annual Causeway Classic

DAVIS, Calif. - UC Davis Aggies and the Sacramento State Hornets faced off in their huge rivalry game, the Causeway Classic Saturday afternoon.

The Causeway Classic dates back to 1954, defining the rivalry of the two schools that are only separated by the Yolo Causeway.

Even though fans were not divided by a causeway at the game, they were divided by their school colors.

"Blue and gold all the way," Aggie fan Dick Larkey said.

"This is the year Sac State Hornets take over," former Sac State player Fred Edmundson said.

Edmundson played in the Causeway Classic in 1971. This year's game was bittersweet as Aggie fans said goodbye to Head Coach Bob Biggs.

The Causeway Classic reignites the rivalry each year as fans come out in full force to support their team. What's behind the 59-year-old tradition?

"I think, they're so close in proximity that they to have a little competitive spirit going," Aggie fan Cheryl Jorgens explianed.

"It's been going on forever," Larkey added.

The Aggies have won 40 games, while the Hornets have won 18.


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