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Family prepares to take football player off life support | News

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Family prepares to take football player off life support

SACRAMENTO, CA - A constant flow of teammates, family members and coaches visited John Bloomfield's hospital room over the past few days.

Bloomfield has been in a coma for nearly two weeks; family and friends pray for a miracle, but he'll likely be taken off life support very soon.

During the Aug. 30 game opener with New Mexico State, the Sacramento State player suffered a collapsed lung.

"[Bloomfield] got hurt in the game, he stayed down in the hospital for a few days," Sacramento State Coach Marshall Sperbeck said.

The 23-year old player came back to Sacramento .

A doctor at Mercy General Hospital performed surgery on Sept. 19 to treat Bloomfield's lung. One surgery lead to several more, but Bloomfield had suffered complications and internal bleeding.

Then the worst happened, he slipped into a coma.

"To see my child in that state would break my heart, as it has," Bloomfield's former Sierra College coach Edward Eaton said.

Now, Bloomfield's family is faced with an extremely painful decision to take him off a ventilator.

"We were basically told on Tuesday that regardless if we want to take him off the ventilator or not," Bloomfield's cousin Papiloa Bloomfield- Fifita said. "By California law it is basically and ultimately the decision of the hospital."

"Just not having John around here was tough. Cause he was such a leader and such an inspiration to our team," Sperbeck said. "So, we kind of have gone through that. I think our kids have handled it well, and they've been supportive to his family."

"We would ask for prayers," Bloomfield- Fifita said. "John was an incredible soul, he was happy all the time; he was a man of God."


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