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Journals of 'Sweetheart Murders' killer released | News

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Journals of 'Sweetheart Murders' killer released

SACRAMENTO, CA - They are journals written while Richard Hirschfield was behind bars in Washington state, serving time for child molestation and just before he was sent to Sacramento to face charges in the 1980 Davis "Sweetheart Murders" case.

Defense attorney Linda Parisi called their release to the public on Wednesday "an invasion of privacy."

Sacramento County Deputy District Attorney Dawn Bladet had argued that "statements in the defendant's journal refer to prior victims of sexual assault at the hands of the defendant as well as his 'sexual philosophy' and predilections and are relevant to material issues in the present case."

She maintained the journals would give a glimpse into the mind of Hirschfield, detailing acts ranging from child molestation to armed robbery to murder. Names of victims were blacked out in the version released to the public

In the portion of the journal marked Exhibit 38, Hirschfield wrote:  "I went to Radio Shack in Red Bluff and got some mini cassette tape recorders, miniature video cameras, a VCR and exited the back door.  We were having fun.  Stealing in bold fashion is almost as fun as armed robbery for the rush."

In another entry he wrote: "One of them said, 'We've got to get ------ and ------ to a hospital.'  I took three abrupt steps to ----- and put a bullet through his head and said, 'A hospital won't do him any good.'"

In the documents, Bladet pointed to Hirschfield's fascination with one victim from the time she was a child until she was an adult. 

"What is of particular significance of this obsession is the similarity in looks between her and [Sweethearts Murder victim] Sabrina Gonsalves," Bladet wrote.

Parisi said Hirschfield was writing fiction.

"That's as if to say," she said, "every artist who draws a picture or every author who writes a book is actually endorsing or believes in what those writings are."

Parisi believes her client will have grounds to appeal.

by Jonathan Mumm, jmumm@news10.net 



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