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Judge orders transport of Baby Sammy to Stanford Medical Center | News

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Judge orders transport of Baby Sammy to Stanford Medical Center

SACRAMENTO, CA - The Sacramento baby boy at the center of child custody controversy that has garnered international attention will be moved to a Bay Area hospital for further evaluation.

"It's like a special day for us. It's like we're in a unit with our son again," said mother Anna Nikolayev. "We're just not going to let go anymore."

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Five-month-old Sammy, who was removed from his parents' custody by Sacramento County Child Protective Services last week, will be transported to Stanford Medical Center in Palo Alto, a Sacramento County judge ruled Monday. The baby has been in protective custody at Sutter Memorial Hospital.

Anna and Alex Nikolayev removed their baby from Sutter Memorial previously because they were unhappy with the care they were receiving, according to Anna.

Sammy has a heart murmur and is in need of surgery. His mother wanted a second opinion so she took him to Kaiser Permanente where records show the doctor who examined him deemed him clinically safe to go home.

But CPS and Sacramento police showed up the next day and took the baby into protective custody due to "severe neglect."

The Nikolayevs have since been fighting to get their baby back and talking with local and international media to explain their case.

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The court also ruled Monday the parents must following all medical advice from now on, including not taking their child from Stanford without proper discharge.

A county social worker will make regular house visits to check on Sammy once he is returned home.

Sacramento Superior Court Judge Paul Seave said he believed all of the attorneys involved worked in the best interest of Sammy.

The baby will be transferred by ambulance to Stanford as early as Monday evening. 

News10 reporter Siemny Chhuon contributed to this story


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