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Bobcat turns up in East Sacramento neighborhood | News

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Bobcat turns up in East Sacramento neighborhood

SACRAMENTO - An East Sacramento woman looked out to find a bobcat in her backyard Monday afternoon.

"I'm in the bathroom looking through the window, and I see a large, what I think is a cat," said Julie, who lives on 39th Street near H Street in Sacramento.

Julie, who did not want to use her last name, said as she watched the animal, it looked her in the eye, then jumped on top of her fence, then down the other side into her neighbor's backyard.

"It's the way that it jumped. It wasn't like normal. It was very graceful," Julie explained. "Sat up there, looked at me for a minute."

Julie called police, who then called fish and game officials. Officials agreed Julie probably saw a bobcat. Fish and game wardens said there have been other possible sightings about a mile south along Folsom Boulevard.

"It was muscular, and it was lean and had the spots and stuff on it," Julie said. "It was just so weird and caught me so off guard. I wish I could have grabbed my camera."

Bobcats can range for miles, and the American River is only about a mile north of Julie's home. The cats can eat anything from insects to chickens, but generally prefer rabbits and other small rodents.

In June of 2014, a mountain lion was found in a backyard and tranquilized at 32nd and X Street, about a mile and a half south.

Julie's graceful visitor brought a moment she said she'll never forget.

"It's like we're in their territory, now they're coming into ours," she said.