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Urban farms struggle to get food to public

Sacramento is the "Farm to Fork" capital of the county. But, if that farm is in the wrong zip code, red tape could keep produce food from the public.

"What is true farm to fork is about, it's about changing communities and showing people how to eat better and how to live better," Sacramento resident Chanowk Yisrael said.

Yisrael and his wife Judith never imagined they would be farmers. He spent years behind a desk, working an IT job.

"We are starting a revolution with a new way to live," Yisrael said. "We do everything by hand, no machinery here."

Bobcat turns up in East Sacramento neighborhood

SACRAMENTO - An East Sacramento woman looked out to find a bobcat in her backyard Monday afternoon.

"I'm in the bathroom looking through the window, and I see a large, what I think is a cat," said Julie, who lives on 39th Street near H Street in Sacramento.

Julie, who did not want to use her last name, said as she watched the animal, it looked her in the eye, then jumped on top of her fence, then down the other side into her neighbor's backyard.

"It's the way that it jumped. It wasn't like normal. It was very graceful," Julie explained. "Sat up there, looked at me for a minute."

Julie called police, who then called fish and game officials. Officials agreed Julie probably saw a bobcat. Fish and game wardens said there have been other possible sightings about a mile south along Folsom Boulevard.

Local 'child genius' competes in reality TV show

Local 'child genius' competes in reality TV show

Tanishq Abraham, 10, of Sacramento, was one of the youngest people to graduate high school.

His intelligence was ranked in the top 10th of a percent in the nation. Now at 11, the child prodigy was vying for the title of "Child Genius" through America Mensa's TV competition.

The Lifetime reality show featured 20 of the brightest young minds in the country as they competed for a shot at a $100,000 scholarship. "I know it's a very big prize but it's just for fun as well," said Tanishq Abraham, whose goal is to get a PhD by the time he's eligible for his driver's license.

The full time college student, who attends American River College, admitted he was a bit nervous going into the eight-week competition, but took it all in stride.

"I wasn't scared. I was having fun, playing with the other kids," said Tanishq.

Strong winds could send outdoor holiday decorations flying

The strong winds expected with the impending storm this week could take down many items, including people's outdoor holiday decorations.

The holiday cheer is in full effect in east Sacramento's "Fabulous Forties." The area is decked out with colorful lights and large decorations. But at least for one resident, things are somewhat on hold.

"Normally, I just put them up early December and leave them. It's just this storm that we're a little concerned about," resident Tim Adams said.

Adams has a few of his displays out but the majority aren't going up until after the storm. Some of his manikins and other fragile adornments may topple over with near hurricane force winds. Wind gusts are expected to reach 65 miles an hour in parts of the valley and the foothills.

New regulations to ridesharing services introduced

New regulations to ridesharing services introduced

There was talks of adding new regulations to ridesharing services including Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar.Taxi cab drivers, who feel those services create an unfair market, called on state lawmakers to do something to help their cause.

Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian introduced legislation this week that will address that. The exact details of his bill won't be released until the early part of the new year, but Nazarian's chief of staff told the Sacramento Business Journal that the legislation will add new regulations.

Sacramento Good Samaritan allegedly killed by family he helped

Sacramento Good Samaritan allegedly killed by family he helped

A family a 77-year-old south Sacramento man police say took in and helped has been arrested for his murder.

The body of Leo Curry Jr. was found by Sacramento police inside of his home on the 4000 block of Shining Star Drive on Nov. 17. Officers were checking on Curry's welfare after being contacted by the victim's own family who hadn't been able to reach him. Curry had sustained trauma to his body.

As detectives took over the case, they learned Curry had been helping a family and invited them into his home. The police investigation alleged the family, identified as Michael Moreno, 37; Sandy George, 35, and Kevin Moreno, 19, began stealing money and belongings from Curry.

Sacramento shooting leaves 1 dead, 1 under arrest

Sacramento shooting leaves 1 dead, 1 under arrest

A Citrus Heights man was arrested Thursday morning in connection to a shooting death on the 7900 block of Blackfoot Way in Antelope.

The dead man was described by the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department as white and in his late 30s. He was found with a gunshot wound in a home by deputies shortly after 12:45 a.m. Thursday, according to Sgt. Lisa Bowman. The man was transported to an area hospital but died soon after, she said.

The victim's name is not being released until his relatives were notified.

The suspect in the shooting, Sean Gregory Sandlin, 25, is an acquaintance of a resident of the home. Bowman said he was booked into Sacramento County Main Jail on a charge of murder.

Detectives have not disclosed a motive for the shooting.