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Cultural Series Presents an Evening with Two Presidential Advisers: Ari Fleischer, Paul Begala

Cultural Series Presents an Evening with Two Presidential Advisers: Ari Fleischer, Paul Begala

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Former Presidential advisers Paul Begala and Ari Fleischer will share the same stage on Monday, April 16 in Sacramento, discussing their insights as California moves toward its June presidential primary and the 2012 presidential election.

The engaging team of Fleischer and Begala will appear at the Scottish Rite Temple in Sacramento for the 90-minute event that starts at 8 p.m.

Fleischer and Begala are the latest installment in the “Cultural Series,” organized by Temple Or Rishon in Orangevale.

VIDEO: One word reactions to State of the Union

SACRAMENTO, CA - People share their thoughts on the state of the country and the president's State of the Union speech Tuesday night.

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Hear and see what they had to say about the speech in a word.

By Suzanne Phan, sphan@news10.net

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Calif. members clash over debt reduction panel's failure

by Paul C. Barton
Gannett Washington Bureau

WASHINGTON - California Republicans and the state's Democratic senators disagreed sharply Monday about who is to blame for the failure of the deficit-reduction supercommittee to come up with $1.2 trillion in savings over 10 years.

Sens. Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein pinned the collapse of negotiations on the insistence of Republicans to keep the 2001-2003 tax cuts passed under former President George W. Bush while cutting programs vital to middle-and lower-income Americans.

"These talks failed for one reason: Republicans refused to ask millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share," Boxer, D-Rancho Mirage, said in a statement. "Now we must follow the example of the Clinton years, when we balanced budgets and created 23 million new jobs by cutting smartly, investing wisely and ensuring that the wealthiest did their part."

Congresswoman Matsui Announces $19.4 Million in Federal Grants for Sacramento Law Enforcement

Congresswoman Matsui Announces $19.4 Million in Federal Grants for Sacramento Law Enforcement

Congresswoman Matsui Announces $19.4 Million in Federal Grants for Sacramento Law Enforcement

Federal Grant Will Provide Funding for 50 Positions

SACRAMENTO, CA – Congresswoman Doris Matsui (D-Sacramento) announced Thursday that over $19.4 million in federal funding for local law enforcement, enabling the hiring, re-hiring or retaining of 50 first responders to protect and serve the Sacramento community.  The grants provide 100 percent funding for the entry-level salaries and benefits of newly-hired, or rehired, full-time officer positions over a 3-year period.  The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department was awarded $11,306,450 for 25 deputies; the Sacramento Police Department will receive $8,102,450 for 25 officers.

The federal grants are made available through the U.S.

Constituent: Vice Mayor Pannell humiliated her

SACRAMENTO, CA - A citizen who says Sacramento Vice Mayor Bonnie Pannell called her an ass**** during a city council meeting this week wants a public apology.

Margo Rose-Brunson said Pannell demeaned and insulted her in a verbal exchange. In video of the meeting, Pannell can be heard saying the derogatory term.

According to Rose-Brunson and the video shows, the exchange went:

Pannell: "If you guys don't like the changes I've made, I'm going to be on the ballot in 2012."

Rose-Brunson: "We'll see you there."

Pannell: ""I'll see you there."

Rose-Brunson: "You bet."

Pannell: You bet. Thank you, ass****."

Sacramento officials defend new city manager's pay

SACRAMENTO, CA - During a period of steep city budget cuts and layoffs, Sacramento's new city manager will make 20 percent more than his predecessors.

The city council is expected Tuesday to approve the employment contract for John Shirey, details of which were released Monday.

Shirey's salary will be $258,000, which is $43,000 more than the salary paid to Gus Vina and Ray Kerridge, the last two city managers.

Interim City Manager Bill Edgar, who was the lead negotiator, said it was important to consider the overall compensation package.

At a brief city hall news conference, Edgar provided a chart showing Shirey's total compensation, including health benefits and retirement contributions, is $305,940.

Edgar said the total package is just $13,000 higher than that of the previous two city managers because the city will not cover Shirey's PERS contributions and will not match 401(a) contributions.

Matsui announces over $2M in grants to hire 253 AmeriCorps members

SACRAMENTO - Thursday, Congresswoman Doris Matsui (CA-05) announced that two local Sacramento organizations will receive a combined $2,087,419 in AmeriCorps grants from the Corporation for National and Community Service, and will be able to hire 253 AmeriCorps members as a result.  Matsui, co-chair of the bipartisan National Service Caucus, has been continually supportive of both AmeriCorps and the Corporation for National and Community Service, and has helped lead the fight for adequate federal funding to support programs like these in the last several Congresses.

“As our region continues to work toward economic recovery, these funds will help put 253 AmeriCorps participants to work in our community,” said Matsui.  “Not only will today’s grants create new jobs, they will create jobs at two of our local nonprofits that work each and every day to make our community a better, safer, and healthier place. I am thrilled that Sacramento will be receiving th